Parnity’s management system for
freight forwarders

Improve your forwarder business by managing
your partners in a single place, in a visual way,
and don’t ever use spreadsheets again.

Vinicius Coimbra Photo
Vinicius Coimbra
NK Worldwide

I am the one who uses Parnity the most, and it has
brought us facilities, especially with the custom filters
within countries. So far I have enjoyed the platform
very much.

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What can you do using MyPartners

Map all your freight

Visualize all your forwarder
partners in a list sorted by country.

Rank your partners
from top to bottom

In each list of partners you have, create categories, either region, cargo, modal, etc, and rank them from gold to silver so you know who to prioritize during the quotation

Overview your partners information

Add to each of your partners' boards the main info you always need to consult about them, all of it in a single place

Record of latest
updates about the partners

Add updates regarding each partnership to your partner’s board and every time you need just consult the history

Analyze your current partnerships

Upload the data related to each of your partnerships, such as the volume of routing orders, and the amount paid to analyze each partner through a visual board

Share your partner’s board with the team

The chosen teams inside your forwarder can see the boards per country, and quote only the pre-selected companies

Through Parnity’s management system you will be able to increase your business opportunities by making faster, and more
accurate decisions.

Get a free trial and start increasing your forwarder business by improving the quality of your forwarder partnerships.

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